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Come and explore one of the most underrated DayZ custom maps on Rostow PVE/PVP Server.

Rostow is based on a real terrain from somewhere in the east of Ukraine, using satellite data and actual roadmaps. The map size is 14.3kmx14.3km.

Custom Trader - This is the only Safe Zone on the map!

All fresh spawns start with 75k money in their bank accounts to help you on your way to buying those essential supplies, building materials or even buying a vehicle or heli to get you around.

We have a wide selection of modded vehicles for you to try including Scorpion motor bikes!

During the week the map is PVE with PVP Zones, then on the weekends from Friday 11pm BST / 12am CET until Sunday 11pm / 12am CET........Anarchy is unleashed!!!

The whole map turns to PVP enabling base raiding, lock picking of vehicles, hacking virtual garages and carnage!

Central Trader - This is the only Safe Zone on the map!

We have custom areas for you to explore.

Custom Black Market Weapon , Black Market Clothing, Drug and Collectable Traders


The mods used on TLO Rostow have been selected based on whether or not each mod is keeping it realistic as well as adding missing features to the vanilla Rostow map.